Fourwinds Boat Rentals

Rental Policies for WaveRunners, Ski Boats, Party Barges, and Deckboats


  • A confirmed reservation will hold your vessel for up to 30 minutes after your scheduled departure time, after which it will be considered a "No Show" and the entire reservation fee will be forfeited.
  • Please arrive for your rental 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time to ensure the entire rental time is allotted. Rental times cannot be extended due to late arrivals.
  • Renters and any additional drivers must be at least 25 years old with a valid Driver's License and must complete OUR Boater Safety Training Course. For your convenience Paradise Rental Boats has developed a rental boat specific Safety Training Course that is FREE to all our customers and done online before your rental. Upon successful completion you will be presented with a course completion card when you arrive for your rental.
  • It is required that the renter and any guests at least 25 years old that want to drive the boat watch our Boater Safety Training Course Video and take the Captain's Test before arriving. This will provide you with important boater safety information that will help you have a safe & enjoyable time on the water. Rental times cannot be extended for those who take the Boater Safety Course when they arrive.
  • A security deposit of $500 per vessel will be required on the day of the rental and must be placed on a major credit card (no Amex) in the Renter's name.
  • Pets, open flames, grills, or cooking equipment of any type are prohibited on all rental boats.
  • Each rental boat departs the dock with a full tank of fuel. Once the boat is returned and refueled, the renter is responsible for the amount of fuel consumed during the rental time.
  • Changes to existing reservations boat type, rental date, or time must be made at least 48 hrs. before the reservation date and cannot be processed online. Please call the location in which the reservation was made to make these arrangements.
  • Any cancellation made more than 48 hrs. before the reservation date will result in a cancellation fee that is 10% of the total reservation amount.
  • Any cancellation made less than 48 hrs. before the reservation date will result in a forfeit of the total reservation amount and cannot be credited towards future reservations.
  • If the following conditions exist on the lake; heavy rain lasting more than 45 minutes; lightening; tornado warnings; high wind advisories or any condition that Paradise Rental Boats considers unsafe boating conditions, then the reservation fees can be credited towards future boat rentals. Weather credits or rain checks can only be given in person on the day of the rental and are based on actual weather conditions on the lake at the time of the rental, not future weather forecasts.




    What else do I need to bring? We always recommend you bring a fully charged cell phone in case of emergencies. At each of our locations we have full service convenient stores packed full of snacks, drinks, ice, sunscreen, towels, water toys, and party supplies!

    Will someone teach me how to drive the boat? Absolutely! We go over an instructional presentation educating our customers on the detailed operating procedures, the Georgia boating laws and regulations, Navigational markers, as well as Boater's safety and etiquette. Make sure to watch our Rental Boating Safety Videos and take the Captain's Test prior to your arrival.

    Can I bring alcohol on the boat? Yes. There is no open container law, but remember, DUI laws are the same on the water as they are on the road.

    How old do you have to be to rent a boat? 25 years old to Rent or Drive.

    Do you provide life jackets? Yes, the boats are supplied with all required safety equipment.

    Do you rent water toys? If so, what is available? Absolutely! We rent ski tubes, slalom and combo skis, kneeboards, and wakeboards.

    Will a pontoon pull a skier? No, but they are fantastic for Tubing.

    Do you allow pets on the boat? No.

    Do you allow grills on the boat? No, but there are several day use areas nearby that are equipped with grills and picnic tables.

    Do the boats have covers? Yes, with the exception of Waverunners ®.

    Do the boats have restrooms? The 32' Mega Cruisers, 35' Party Yachts, and Houseboats are equipped with restrooms.

    Do the boats have radios or cd players? Yes.

    Is gas included? Each rental boat leaves the dock with a full tank of fuel. The renter is responsible for the amount consumed.

    On average, how much gas does the boat use? It is nearly impossible to quote an average fuel consumption because there are so many variables to consider (Usage, weight, water conditions, wind speed, etc.). A conservative average would be about 5 gallons per hour of engine time.

    What happens if it's persistent inclement weather while I am renting a boat? We will issue a credit voucher based on the amount of time lost that can be applied towards the next rental.

    Do I need a fishing license and do you sell them? A fishing license is required. You can obtain one at a local store, or Walmart or K-mart nearest you.

    Do you sell any bait? We do not have live bait but we do sell artificial bait.

    Will my car or home insurance cover the boat? It depends on your individual insurance provider. Most insurance providers will cover rental cars but not necessarily rental boats. Contact your provider for specific details.

    Where are the low areas of the lake? The water depth depends on the time of year as rainfall varies periodically. One of the dock hands will go over this information with you at the time of the rental.

    Where are the closest campsites? There are several public campsites and day use areas. Please call for details or refer to the "Lake Links" section on each of the specific lake location Home pages.

    Where can I park my car if I keep the boat overnight? We have free parking in our Marinas 24hrs/7days/yr. Round.